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Why patients trust

the implantation of teeth to us


years in the field of implantology


dental implant systems


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We perform implantation of teeth of any complexity.


Implantation involves the installation of an implant and an artificial crown simultaneously with the extraction of a tooth, which does not require a long rehabilitation period.

Two stage

Classical implantation: at the first stage implant placement takes place; in the second, the patient receives an artificial tooth with implant support

"Sleeping" implantation

"Sleeping" Implantation differs from conventional intervention in that during the whole operation you do not feel any discomfort and do not see the doctor’s manipulations, but simply sleep.

Is "dream cure" safe?

Security Sedation - №1 among other general anesthesia options

After all, drug sleep has nothing to do with anesthesia! You just sleep as if you decide to take a nap a couple of hours during the day at home.

Experts monitor your well-being

Throughout the procedure, a team of specialists monitors your well-being. It is controlled with the help of reliable high-precision hardware complex, which allows you to track the progress of the operation.

At the end of the procedure, you wake up without any negative feelings.

And in half an hour you can completely leave the clinic by yourself! Unlike anesthesia, the rehabilitation period after which the whole day can last.

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Our recipe for
successful implantation

Biocompatible implants

We install implants of increased survival rate from titanium alloys. Such materials can be incorporated into the patient's body, without causing adverse clinical manifestations.

Crowns that look like real teeth

We offer a choice of high-quality budget or expensive luxury of non-metal ceramics, which can not be distinguished from native teeth.

Accurate diagnosis and planning

The Planmeca Promax 3D classic computer tomograph allows you to plan the course of implantation with high precision, and at the same time the desired implant size is selected and its 3D position in the jaw is clearly defined.

Guaranteed result

We provide a guarantee on implants and crowns installed in our clinic.

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Our partners

Nobel biocare

Nobel Biocare premium implants are the gold standard for most dentists in the world.


South Korean company producing implants and related materials. Good quality at the best price.


Implants are lightweight, durable, biocompatible and made of titanium - the most widely used material in implantology.

Responsible for your smile

Highly qualified doctors, with work experience of 10 years, who completed internships in foreign clinics. The qualifications of our specialists are confirmed by many internationally recognized diplomas.


dentist, implantologist, surgeon

The highest category in orthopedic, surgical and therapeutic dentistry. Systematic advanced training, attendance at master classes, international congresses and conferences. He is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Implantology. Specializes in aesthetic prosthetics, implantation and periodontal surgery.

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4 great reasons

to do implantation in our clinic

Implant with a crown in a 1 day

In most cases, you get the opportunity to install the implant simultaneously with an artificial crown.

Painless operations

We perform implantation under general anesthesia, in combination with local anesthesia, which excludes the possibility of pain.

Individual treatment plan

We select the implant and materials for the crown that are optimal for your situation and meet your budget.

European standards

It offers a free initial examination, consultation, curator, who will accompany you during the entire period of treatment.

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